The Great Credenza Quest

In the world of Liz Ro, the mid-century modern credenza has been  a siren of sorts—an alluring, mystical thing of beauty-meets-function. Clean lines. Richly stained wood. Solid construction. Storage space. (When you live in a shoe box and own all the things, nothing could be sexier than storage space.) The mid-century modern credenza had me at hello. And finding one I liked, that was available and in my price range, would be the bane of my existence for about half a year.

Over those six months, visions of divine sideboards visited me, just as Jesus has appeared to a chosen few on slices of burnt toast. From online house tours to West Elm catalogs, I came across them, gushed over them, and yes, pinned the crap out of them.

I hunted on Craigslist daily, but the midcentury pieces that aren’t a gazillion bucks tend to go quickly; I lost a couple pieces to the first person in line. Ultimately, dlligence was my strategy. And finally, it paid off.

Here’s the humble, eight-day-old posting I found—a listing I hadn’t seen before. Assuming the picture was taken with a Motorola Razr, I suspected the piece would look better in person.


The dresser, I learned, belonged to a woman named Lola, who remains possibly the nicest, spaciest woman that I’ve ever not been related to. She couldn’t be reached by e-mail or text, or on weekdays after 5 pm, but she called me “sweetie” and was willing to sell me her dresser for $75 less than the asking price. So that Saturday morning, I phoned Lola before meeting her with cash. She sent me away with a hug, and half a credenza hanging out the back of my compact car.

Back at the bungalow, I used coconut oil and lemon juice to polish the wood, and damn if that credenza didn’t sparkle.

Welcome home, BB.

Persistence can pay off. And so, sometimes, can a little help. If you’re searching for the perfect piece of MCM furniture on CL, give these keywords a whirl: teak, Danish, vintage, retro, glam, midcentury, mid century, mid-century, MCM, Mad Men, Herman Miller, Eames, Knoll, Saarinen, Plycraft, Pearsall, Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, and West Elm.

If you’re on the prowl for a credenza, specifically, you might try: sideboard, buffet, credenza and dresser.

And finally, a PSA for my Phoenix friendos: As of April 7th, this lustworthy Lane chest is available on CL, listed at $300. They may even take less—someone gnab this thing!

lane1 lane2 lane3



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