Mean Mugs to Love

I spend roughly eight hours a day pulling words outta my head, to say I like coffee is an understatement. I’ve found that sassy coffee mugs are one of my simple pleasures—pint-sized personalities that hang out  while I work and give me a reason to smile.

Just in time for V-Day, here are a some mean mugs that are worthy of love.

Side note: Anyone with an eye for design—or an eye, for that matter—could find a gazillion things aesthetically wrong with the graphic below. No need to hate, there’s a reason I write for a living.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 3.47.22 PM

1. I Hate Whatever Today Is mug $10 – Let’s be honest.
2. Don’t F*cking Procrastinate mug $16 – You could use a reminder.*
3.  It’s decorative gourd season, motherf*ckers mug $12 – This line’s from a great article about Fall—just in time for Spring. (*And so could I.)
4. Candy Heart mug $5 – How sweet. Also available in-store, on clearance.
5. Get Shit Done mug $16 – Do work, son.
6. Damn Good Coffee mug $4 – It always is. Unless you’re drinking sludge, and even sludge will taste better in this cup.


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