Getting Settled In

I had a blog once. It went all right. It’s just that I had trouble with consistency, and bloggers need to be consistent. I’m not holding it against myself, though, and I urge you not to, either. This time, I’ll fail better. You can take that to the bank.

Despite my previous struggle to pull some words outta my head (a troublesome problem for a writer), I’ve had no problem keeping pace with a rigorous schedule of DIY projects. For those of you who don’t know, I live in a little shanty in Phoenix. A one-bedroom apartment in an inexpensive area of town, now known solely as “the bungalow”.

When I first moved in (April of 2012) I was thrilled to have a space of my own, at a rock-bottom price I could afford. I was a freelance writer at the time, and although the bungalow wasn’t glamorous, it was charming, and came with a  kind neighbor, Robert, who occupied the front of the house. It had potential. Or, as Robert put it, it needed “a little creativity.” I could work with that.

A number of things have happened between then and now, which I believe I’ll have time to tell you about over the course of the coming posts, but suffice to say that’s these days I’m settling into the bungalow, and seeing how far a few home improvements can take me.

A little Hallmark-y for my taste, but appropriate.

A little Hallmark-y for my taste, but appropriate.


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